What’s with the hearts all around Ludlow?

LUDLOW, Vt. – You may have noticed colorful hearts hanging from trees in the town of Ludlow. Are they in celebration of Valentine’s Day? Not exactly!

Members of the United Church of Ludlow add hearts to trees in town.
Members of the United Church of Ludlow add hearts to trees in town. Photo provided

Several years ago, a member of the United Church of Ludlow, who lived in Massachusetts at the time, saw hearts hanging from trees in her neighborhood. Upon investigation, she discovered that a woman who was a quilter had lots of material left over from making her quilts, and she decided to do something fun by spreading the beauty of hearts around the community.

The member of the United Church decided this would be a fun thing to do in the Ludlow area. She recruited women and men from the church who traced the designs, cut the fabric, stuffed and sewed, and crocheted rope to connect the hearts. She then solicited volunteers from the church to deliver the colorful hearts around town.

Beautiful hearts were placed in trees in front of homes to thank people for a kindness or to cheer someone who is experiencing a difficult time. They were also placed at the gazebo at Veterans Park, at Kessman Park, and on Main Street. The hearts are delivered with no fanfare and, hopefully, without the person delivering them being caught.

A note left in a plastic bag indicates that the person has been “Hearted by the United Church” with wishes for a happy day. “It is just a fun thing to do, gets people talking, brightens people’s spirits and the landscape during the cold and sometimes dark winter months,” reports the organizer.

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