What Makes Farm & Wilderness Summer Camps so special

PLYMOUTH, Vt. – We’re not just a summer camp, we’re an experience of a lifetime. All of our Farm & Wilderness camps strive to provide experiential education, which helps to transform our community. We promote, support, and educate our campers to face new challenges with courage and integrity as they participate in hands-on outdoor adventures. Campers learn hard work and joyful play, all while living in a community setting and learning how to care for our environment.

Our camps take pride in teaching hands-on technical skills to all our campers as they live, work, and play in the wilderness. They learn to respect and understand the land and its relationship with our food. The campers learn the basics of fire building and have an opportunity to prepare dishes with food they have harvested themselves from our farm.

Some of our Vermont summer camps include:

  • Barn Day Camp, for ages 4–10. Campers enjoy doing what we call “real big things,” where we use saws and hammers, milk goats, go on overnight hiking trips, and enjoy adventures.
  • IB, for female and gender non-binary, ages 9–14. A camp for outdoor exploration, developing lasting friendships, and sparking a deeper self-awareness and resolve.
  • Timberlake, for male and gender non-binary, ages 9–14. A camp for exploring the wilderness, creating deeper connections with one another, and pushing through physical boundaries. Campers enjoy building bonfires taller than themselves, all while forging friendships with honesty and sincerity.
  • Red Spruce Grove, for female and gender non-binary, and Flying Cloud, for male and gender non-binary. Ages 11–14. Two off-grid camps to explore the wonders of nature, living close to the land.

Learn more about our camps and register online at www.farmandwilderness.org/camps.

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