Weston starts a “Pop-Up” university

WESTON, Vt. – The month of March can be pretty dreary – still winter, not quite spring. So some folks in Weston are putting together a pop-up university to entertain and offer learning opportunities to the people of the town and the area during the month of March.

It may be called university, but it’s really a way to bring the community together. Classes, events, and workshops will be led by people from the community – your neighbors and friends. And everyone is invited to participate for free. The pop-up planners have already put together 18 events to be held in March. Classes and workshops include photography, landscape and garden design, quilting, knitting, memoir writing, an afternoon of games, beginning drawing, and even a Broadway dance class!

Registration is required and some of the classes are limited in size. Some classes are just for adults and others are for everyone. You can see the whole array of pop-up university classes at www.westonpopupuniversity.org. Or you can register at Weston’s Wilder Memorial Library, 24 Lawrence Hill Rd. Also, check out our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/WestonPopUpUniversity.

Deb Granquist, one of the organizers, said, “Weston is a very small town, but this is a great chance to meet old and new friends, learn new things, and discover all the talents in our community.”

Lisa Yrsha, another member of the volunteers, said, “This is for everyone in our area – individuals, families, old and young. I think we’ll have a great turnout. This is our version of March Madness.”

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