Westminster Cares Annual Appeal fundraiser

WESTMINSTER, Vt. – The Westminster Cares Board of Directors met Wednesday, Dec. 1 at the Westminster Institute. Westminster Cares wishes to express heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for the generous outpouring of support we have received to date for our 2021-22 Annual Appeal fundraising drive. Funds from this Appeal enable us to continue serving the community as we adapt to these uncertain times. Thank you to all the individuals, families, and businesses who have contributed so far, and to the entire community for your incredible support this year!

  Memorial & Honor Donations received through Dec. 12, 2021

On behalf of Bill and Issy Parda and the Parda Family – thank you to all the Westminster Cares volunteers for your kind and caring services to our family and to all the members of the community from Peter, Pam and Michael Parda.

  In honor of:

Lori Larue from Anonymous; Libby Mills, “Truly a work of art,” from Tom and Marcia Wessels and Laurie Alberts; Bill Smidutz from Fred and Lorraine Yates; Karen Walter from Lee and Byron Stookey; The work Westminster Cares does in the community from Susan Auslander, Lisa and Jim Calchera, and Lois Barber; and all the volunteers who deliver Meals-On-Wheels from Peggy and Dirk Jager.

  In memory of:

Hank and Phyllis Anderson from Don and Cindy Anderson; Evelyn Aubuchont and Kelly Harrison from Judy and Pete Harrison; Karen Augusta from Robert and Emery Ross; Justin Beebe and the Montana Wildland Firefighters from Ally, Rich, and Susan Talbot; Nance’ Belisle from Charmion Handy; Judith Berkley from Penelope Arms and Anonymous; Lloyd E. Church from Carol Church; Reg Cote from Wendy Speid; Patricia H. Damon from R. Damon; Marguerite Dawson, Helen Cordano, and Joanne Scopa Cordano from Don and Donna Dawson; Almon Flagg from Ken Flagg; Clare Goodell and Terry Lowe from M. Ellen Jones; Jimmy Haas from Priscilla and Walter Allbee; Connie Harlow from Susan J. Harlow; Al Hunker from Marcia Hunker; Walt and Pat Jennison from Paul and Shirley Schofield and Janet Manzolillo and Linda Jennison; Chris Kurkul from Walter and Cathy Kurkul; Larry Lanata from Susan Clifford and two Anonymous donors; Albie Lober from Susan Lober; Linda Lowe from Ed Lowe and the Lowe Family; Cheryll Marchica from John and Sue Marchica; Robert McKenny from Fred McKenny; Jeff Michaud from Irene Michaud; Bruce Miller from Joyce H. Miller; Buster Donald Newcomb from Verna Newcomb and Heidi Bernier and Don Newcomb; Alice and Harold Shattuck from Barbara Greenough; Gib Taylor from Carrie Gelfan and Michael Beh; Fred Tipton from Bonnie Anderson; Erin Whitcomb from Craig and Valerie Forrest; David L. Williams from Elizabeth K. Williams; Marie Wright from Ann Wright; Marie and Chrissy Wright from Anonymous.

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