Westminster Cares annual Appeal Drive

WESTMINSTER, Vt. – Westminster Cares wishes to express heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for the generous outpouring of support we have received for our 2020-2021 Annual Appeal fundraising drive. Funds from this appeal enable us to continue serving the community as we adapt to these uncertain times. Thank you to all the individuals, families, and businesses who have contributed so far and to the entire community for your incredible support this year.

Donations received though Dec. 14, 2020

In honor of the wonderful people at Westminster Cares from Charlotte Kurkul; my children from Susan Clifford; all the essential workers helping those in need; Iris and Quinn Friedman from Susannah Cassidy-Friedman; Donna Dawson from Claudia Richardson; Cliff and Wylene Wood from Arlene Scully; Libby Mills from Tom and Marcia Wessels.

In memory of Ralph and Signa Buck from Donald and Nancy Adams; Mitch Allen from Russ and Peg Allen; Bob Davis from John and Jocelyn Benzaia; Bob Haas from Spring Knower and Chris Bergman; Lloyd E. Church from Carol Church; Joanne Cordano from Don Cordano; Marguerite and Cliff Dawson and Helen Cordano from Don Dawson; Barbara and Carlton Greenwood from Allison and David Deen; Gerri Palmer from Nancy and Leonard Farrar; Almon Flagg from Ken Flagg; Alice and Harold Shattuck from Barb Greenough; Connie Harlow from Susan Harlow; Everett Garland from Paul Harlow; departed classmates, friends, and loved ones from Pete and Judy Harrison; Walt and Pat Jennison from Cheryl Jennison; Christopher Kurkul from Catherine and Walter Kurkul; Nancy Carey from Barbara Carey and Tracy Lake; Robert McKenny from Fred McKenny; Bobbie Pebbles from Sally Martineau; Pat and Walt Jennison from Betty Miller; Bruce Miller from Joyce Miller; Frank Mitchell from Mary Mitchell; John Barnett from Kelli Moran; Avis and Hoppy (Leslie) Dodge from Donald and Verna Newcomb; Marilyn Kissell from Dianne and Darwin Quinn; Wendell Mudgett from Philip Ranney; Terrilee Rounds from Harland and Cheryl Rounds; family members we have lost from Sally and Hollis Ryea; Sam and Fran Streeter from Phil and Jane Savoy; Richard Taylor from Beth Shrader; Joan Smidutz from Bill Smidutz; Reg Cote, (my Mom), from Wendy Speid; all who’ve died from coronavirus from Linda and Richard Todd; Ernie and Phyllis Norman from Wanda and Scott West; and Staci Jones-Mali, Joanne Stratton-Duval, Caro Duval, and Ginny Farnsworth from Tonia and Lester White.

In loving memory of Phyllis Anderson from Bonnie Anderson, Jennifer Anderson, Don and Cindy Anderson, Lee Trapeni and Heidi Anderson, Jacquie Walker and Steve Anderson, Liz Bourne and Kendall Gifford, Lisa and Jim Calchera, Allison and David Deen, Craig and Valerie Forrest, Jim and Colleen Grout, Peggy and Dirk Jager, Ann and Frank Kebbell, Dick and Lori Miller, Jeff and Irene Michaud, Judi and Bennet Petry, Yvette Durell and Doug Sherwin, Wendy Schoenemann, Bill Smidutz, Eileen Deutsch and Ira Wilner.

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