Weathersfield names its streams

WEATHERSFIELD, Vt. – The Weathersfield Conservation Commission is concluding its project of petitioning town, state, and federal officials for adoption of its proposed town stream and other waterway names. The purpose is to identify Weathersfield streams and standardize names to facilitate interagency planning for flood protection, infrastructure projects, emergency response, hazard mitigation, and the general use by all map users for work or pleasure.

A survey of many contemporary and historical maps and atlases found that very few streams are named, and in written histories, multiple names are sometimes used for the same stream. The Conservation Commission is fortunate that historian Ernest Butterfield on his 1940 Map of Weathersfield named most streams, and the Commission has adopted most of these names as the starting point of this process.

The Commission is soliciting the help of all Weathersfield residents to bring to its attention any names they know of. Please contact any Commission member or Jeff Pelton at 802-885-9517.

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