Volunteers needed for COVID-19 response

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – George Keeler, volunteer coordinator of Precision Valley Disaster Recovery COAD, is seeking volunteers to serve the greater Springfield community.

There are critical needs for volunteers are to staff a shelter for people who have become infected with the COVID-19 virus and need assistance in their recovery but are not sick enough to be admitted to a hospital, and also to distribute food to people who are quarantined it their homes. Local food shelves may also need assistance in unloading and distributing food to people.

Trisha Paradis, director of the Springfield Family Center, has already reported an increase in the need for food assistance as people are laid off from work. On March 19, she had 12 new families sign up for assistance.

It is important that volunteer help is effectively coordinated to maintain social distancing while they work. Volunteers should not just show up at a place and offer to work. Please call ahead so that your help can be scheduled and managed effectively. Background checks may be required for helping out in where there may be vulnerable populations.

Volunteers should be under 60 years old and in good health. People in the Springfield area can volunteer by calling 1-888-863-2815 or by going to the Precision Disaster Recovery website at www.sites.google.com/site/pvdisasterrecovery/home.

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