Vietnam veterans speak at Fall Mountain Regional High School

Mary Theresa Lester, John Aldrich, Steve McElroy, Jim Aldrich, Mike McClean, and Smokey Aumand. Photo by Diane Beers.

LANGDON, N.H. – On Wednesday, Dec. 19, five of our local Vietnam veterans spoke at Fall Mountain Regional High School in Mrs. Lester’s U.S. history class.

The five distinguished veterans talked about their memories before the conflict, during training, the living history of being “in country,” and their various receptions upon their coming back home to the United States. Service branches represented included three from the Army, one from the Navy, and one Air Force transport pilot.

The years covered, and spoken about with quite a bit of military jargon, included 1963-1972. Topics included the Gulf of Tonkin when President Johnson officially entered the second Indo-China War, North VietCong travelling through Laos and Cambodia, the bombings, Agent Orange, the wounded, medics, body bags, Tet Offensive, Presidents Kennedy and Nixon, the protestors back home, air transport, and emotions.

Mrs. Lester’s U.S. History class just finished their studies on Vietnam the day before. The students related their homework assignments to the five veterans Living History accounts of the same topics. There were plenty of thoughtful questions from the class and answers straight from the heart.

On a side note, all five veterans were really impressed with the students’ knowledge and their respect showed.

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