Veterans group seeking applicants for nurses training scholarships

REGION – The local chapter of The Forty and Eight, a national veterans organization, is offering scholarships to qualified undergraduate students enrolled in academic programs of study leading to either associates’ or bachelor’s degrees in nursing. Although military experience is not required, these scholarships can help veterans in related military occupations prepare for civilian careers in the nursing profession.

The deadline is May 14, 2020 for submitting applications for scholarships to be awarded for the 2020 fall academic semester. Awards to successful applicants will be made by July 1, 2020. At least one stipend of no more than $1,000 will be available.

A national program to help alleviate the shortage of skilled nurses in this country has long been a special interest of La Societé des Quarante Hommes et Huit Chevaux, the veterans organization founded in 1920 and also known as “The Forty and Eight.”

Since 1955, La Societé has provided over $33,400,450 and assisted more than 54,530 nurses in obtaining nursing degrees. In 2019, over $418,186 were donated with 330 nurses in training and 171 nurses graduated.

For more information about The Forty and Eight, the Nurses Training Program, and the Nurses Training Scholarship and application forms, please call Karlene DeVine at 802-877-6392 or email

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