Vermont’s Covid state-run testing sites to close June 25

REGION – As officials announced in May, 2022, Vermont’s state-run Covid testing sites will close by June 25. The closure of statewide testing sites signals that the tools available to prevent Covid have grown and evolved.

At this time, at-home tests can meet most testing needs and are widely available at pharmacies across the state and online. They are convenient, give quick results, and are covered by many insurance providers. Vermonters may be able to get tests through their insurance directly at the pharmacy counter, or may need to be reimbursed. If you have questions, contact your insurance provider.

Vermonters who are looking for other types of testing, such as PCR or other rapid tests, should check what is available at their local pharmacy or with their health care provider. Testing is recommended for anyone who has symptoms. It is also recommended for people who have close contact with someone with Covid but are not up to date on their vaccines.

Vermonters are encouraged to have some at-home tests on hand in case they develop symptoms.


Where to Get Tests After June 25:

·      Order three rounds of free tests from, which are mailed directly to you.

·      Get at-home tests from your local pharmacy or online.

·      For other types of testing, check with your local pharmacy or health care provider.

Vermonters who cannot access antigen tests through a pharmacy, health care provider, or their insurance can call the Health Department at 802-863-7240, option 8. 

Vermonters who do not have a health care provider and need to be connected to care can call 211.

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