Vermont groups to remove 5 ‘deadbeat’ dams

REGION – Progress toward restoring Vermont’s rivers and streams and improving public safety will take a major leap in 2017 with the removal of five deadbeat dams. Vermont has more than 1,000 dams on our rivers, with hundreds serving no useful purpose. Unused dams block fish passage, pose safety hazards to recreational river users (swimmers, paddlers, boaters, and more), and compromise the overall quality of our river habitat while doing little to protect our communities from flood threats.

These five removal projects represent a significant effort among the partnership of Connecticut River Conservancy, Northern Forest Canoe Trail, Southern Windsor County Regional Planning Commission, dam owners, state and federal agencies, the Vermont Dam Task Force, and private funders to free Vermont rivers from problem dams and better protect our communities and valuable river habitats.

Removal of five deadbeat dams that no longer serve a useful purpose and are blocking Vermont rivers will be removed throughout August, September and October 2017.

Dams to be removed: West Fairlee dam removal start date is August 14. East Highgate dam will start the second week of August. West Windsor dam will be in late August to early September. Dummerston dam will be removed in September and East Burke dam will be in October.

For general inquiries about Vermont’s dam removal efforts, please contact Amber Collett at Vermont Natural Resources Council via email or call 612-418-5799.

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