Vermont Everyone Eats extended through April 1, 2022

REGION – Vermont Everyone Eats, the innovative Covid-19 response program that provides meal assistance to Vermonters while supporting local restaurants, farmers, and food producers, has received an extension to continue through April 1, 2022. This additional extension, following three before it, is made possible thanks to the continued commitment from FEMA to cover 100% of the program’s costs.

The program is currently operated by 11 community hubs throughout the state, including a statewide online digital app. Since July 2020, over 260 restaurants have prepared over 1.9 million meals for Vermonters impacted by the Covid-19 crisis. VEE is funded by a contract provided by the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development, with Southeastern Vermont Community Action (SEVCA) managing the program.

Everyone Eats was inspired by grassroots initiatives from communities across Vermont. Originally designed as a five-month program, VEE has been extended multiple times to mitigate high levels of food insecurity and economic instability exacerbated by the Covid-19 crisis. In July 2020, Vermont lawmakers allocated funds from the Coronavirus Relief Fund to launch the program, which was subsequently extended with FEMA funding.

SEVCA Executive Director Steve Geller noted that “the program is expecting to celebrate the incredible milestone of providing its 2 millionth meal early in the New Year, and we at SEVCA and everyone connected with it throughout the state are very proud of helping that to happen. We hope it can continue for as long as it’s needed.”

For more information about Vermont Everyone Eats, visit or explore community posts at #vteveryoneeats.

SEVCA’s mission is to empower and partner with individuals and communities to alleviate the hardships of poverty, to provide opportunities to thrive, and to eliminate root causes of poverty and to eliminate root causes of poverty. For more information, visit

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