Update on Chester-Andover Elementary School repairs

CHESTER, Vt. – Work at the Chester-Andover Elementary School is going smoothly and on schedule. The slab under the classrooms that was damaged has been repaired and new carpeting has been laid.

Record Concrete has demolished the old concrete pad in the boiler room and poured the new pad. The new boilers have been ordered and were due to arrive by Oct. 29.

The new main water pipe has been installed and tested for water pressure and quality. The pipes are being flushed out with chlorine and then tests for E.coli are conducted. Once the water comes out clean and passes inspection, it can be connected to the building.

HB Energy Solutions is currently working on preparing an area in the boiler room for new panels and components so that when they arrive they can be immediately installed. Once all of the work has been completed, Green Mountain Power will need to restore power. Three fire marshals will need to approve the work: one for plumbing, one for electrical, and one for the building. Also, the boiler room will be examined by Vermont Steam Boiler after which they will grant the school an inspection certificate.

After all of the work and inspections are completed, the building will be ready to welcome the students, teachers, staff, and community back to Chester-Andover.

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