United Church brings bocce back to Ludlow

Ludlow resident Bob Kottkamp tosses the bocce ball at the pallina, the small white ball that is the object of the game. Photo provided

LUDLOW, Vt. – Thanks to members of the United Church of Ludlow, the grand old lawn bowling game of bocce has returned to Ludlow. Organized by David Almond, the game made its return at the Veterans Memorial Park last Tuesday. According to Almond, “The group participating in the game thoroughly enjoyed themselves.”

He added that bocce will continue to be offered to all interested persons on Tuesday evenings in the Veterans Memorial Park starting at 6 p.m. “until the players can’t see the other end of the bocce court.”

In keeping with the need to keep all bocce players hydrated, free lemonade and other refreshments are provided to participants. If you’d like more information on the game and location of the weekly bocce games in Ludlow, call David at 802-228-2414.

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