Union Street School bowling fun

Brother and sister Erlianyss and Avilés enjoying Family Night. Photo provided.

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – Just as the rainstorm was hitting Springfield, Union Street School Family Night began at Up Your Alley bowling lanes. The parking lot was completely filled with family cars taking up each spot. Rod Foster, proprietor of Up Your Alley, hosted all students, families, and staff to two hours of free bowling. Every lane was filled with folks laughing and interacting as some first time bowlers used a little help from the bumpers.

After an hour, a parent was overheard saying to her kids that it was time to start thinking about leaving. Her mind was easily changed to stay a few minutes longer when her son, Cooper, proclaimed how much fun he was having. School board member Steve Karaffa said, “The smiles on the faces of these children were priceless!”

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