Unified Basketball, Springfield vs. Brattleboro

Springfield played Brattleboro on Tuesday, April 12. Photo provided

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – The Springfield Unified Basketball team rings in their second win on Tuesday, April 12 at Dressel Gym to give them a 2-2 record. The Cosmos welcomed the Brattleboro Colonels in their fourth game of the season. Community members, teachers, and parents again filled the stands to watch the contest.

Under the hoop for the Cosmos was Emily Toner, Lexy Bills, Isaiah Short, and Sam Bailey, rebounding offensively and defensively to help the Cosmos lead the team in baskets. Leading Springfield with points were Lexi Bills with 14 points, and Emily Toner and Isaiah Short with eight points. Patrick Toner, Josh Graves, and Kailtyn McGrath each chipped in with two points. Williams and Gultekin’s offensive setup dished the ball to Toner, Bills, and Short throughout the night. Assists from Carl and Bennett to their teammates helped the Cosmos ring in the big win.

At the half, the Cosmos and Colonels were tied at 16 – 16. Emily Toner’s six points gave the Cosmos the lead at the end of the third quarter with a 28 – 22 lead. Bills finished out the fourth quarter with six points, and a basket from Graves gave the Cosmos their final score of 36 points.

Coaches Gultekin and Pinter-Petrillo have been working with the team this week on rebounding and fast break layups. The drills paid off. Sam Bailey was a speed demon up and down the court to position offensively and defensively. Bailey was not able to sink a shot during the game, but with his determination baskets will soon fall. Keep shooting Sam! The Cosmos, as Gultekin said, is a young team. It was so exciting to hear the athletes want to stay on the court and play. Isaiah Short was so into the game that he wanted to stay on the court the entire time. E. Toner also commented, “Put me back in, put me back in.” I have been coaching the team for seven years and each year I have fun, see growth, and always look forward to next year. Covid set us back, but we are back now. This young team will keep growing and growing, in skills and enthusiasm. Thank you team for giving me the opportunity to coach all of you.

Lexi Bills awaits the rebound with teammate Trevor Carl. Photo provided

Lexy Bills earned many points throughout the night with her fast breaks and jumpers. Isaiah Short focused tonight on dribbling to the hoop to earn his eight points. Emily Toner is a powerhouse under the basket. Her motivation helped lead the Cosmos to their win.

For Brattleboro, Jonie Tutle led with ten points, and Justin Wegiel and Bobby Petrie both added four points. Ashley Cleveland, Tyler Bolduc, Kyle Simuro, and Justin Anderson each chipped in two points. Thank you Brattleboro for the visit. We will see you on May 4 on your court. Enjoy the rest of the season and have fun.


Written by Margaret Gultekin, Unified Basketball Coach, Springfield High School.

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