Town of Springfield and partners move to remove problem dam

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – The Southern Windsor County Regional Planning Commission, in collaboration with the Vermont Rivers Program, Connecticut River Conservancy, and the town of Springfield, have developed removal plans for the Valley Street dam in Springfield, Vt. The dam is situated adjacent to Valley Street, immediately south of the intersection of Valley and Litchfield streets. The decades-defunct structure was erected in 1938 to serve as the town’s public swimming pool. However, the pool was officially closed in 1953 due to fear of the spread of polio, as well as other contamination concerns. The dam has not served any functional purpose since.

Removal of the dam will return the stream to a natural, free-flowing condition, improve aquatic and riparian habitat, and improve water quality. In addition, the dam has been determined to be in poor structural condition. Controlled removal of the dam will eliminate the risk of an uncontrolled breach, which could cause damage to downstream infrastructure and private property.

This engineering effort was funded by a grant through the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation Clean Water Initiative Program, the Vermont Watershed Grant program through the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife, with cash contributions through the Connecticut River Conservancy. Ripple Natural Resources LLC was the lead design consultant on the project. A construction timeframe has not yet been determined.

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