The spirit of a neighborhood

28 Herrick St. winner. Photo provided
151 Union St. winner. Photo provided
187 Park St. winner. Photo provided

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – This year’s holiday season came to Springfield in a big way. Many homes and yards are sporting outstanding decorations, especially on Union, Park, and all the streets and smaller neighborhoods that connect to those streets.

The first In The Spirit! awards program encouraged residents in those neighborhoods to celebrate the season with their neighbors through outdoor decorations. These people must really know how to celebrate – their results are spectacular.

In The Spirit! judges Walter Martone, Diane Kemble, and Mona Frye selected three properties for special recognition.

The Clark Griswold Christmas Award was presented to the Raymond family on Park Street. They went all out with spectacular lighting and charming vignettes that please the eye and make you smile.

The Traditional Display Award was given to the Kimball family on Herrick Street. Their home and yard have become a holiday fantasyland that casts its own beautiful spell over their street.

The Misfit Toy Display Award was given for the Lantz family’s Union Street property. Don’t be misled by the name of this award. The display engages anyone of any age who drives or walks by. The garden, directly across Union Street from the house, is particularly enchanting.

In The Sprit! awards are sponsored by Union and Park Neighborhood Association, a nonprofit corporation whose mission is to build a vibrant, safe, and cohesive neighborhood.

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