SSHP assists homeless and low-income families with housing

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – Springfield Supported Housing Program is a person centered program providing resources towards safe, stable, and affordable housing options while collaborating with community partners on all aspects of housing instability. The mission of the Springfield Supported Housing Program is to place low-income families and individuals in permanent, affordable housing and provide six months to two years of in-home case management to stabilize housing, and to assist participants as they pursue other goals that improve their quality of life. SSHP works with individuals who are experiencing homelessness or low-income barriers.

As an agency, we are able to assist individuals who are behind in rent. We are also able to help households look for housing, complete applications, and provide financial support for security deposits once housing has been secured. This level of support alleviates poverty by providing financial support as well as case management that continues to help individuals increase their income or reduce their debt. SSHP maintains 17 shelter units for those without housing. This program is designed to be a housing first model, assisting individuals with housing before everything else. Once in our units clients are supported to get employment, identification, and tend to any other needs they have identified.

SSHP provides services to individuals and families located in the Northern Windham/Southern Windsor counties who are at risk of homelessness or are experiencing literal homelessness. Our agency offers housing navigation, case management and landlord mediation. SSHP also helps to provide education and resources to those experiencing any of the factors leading to homelessness such as helping to connect to the local food pantry, referrals to health care, or recommendations to employment opportunities.

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