Springfield Town Library presents, “Decoding the Mysteries of Cats”

Cricket the cat. Photo provided

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – Join Springfield Town Library and Feline Behaviorist, Stephen Quandt, for an online presentation of “Decoding the Mysteries of Cats, Why Cats Do What They Do” on Tuesday, April 5, 2022, at 6 p.m.

A 60-minute webinar with a Q&A will be streamed over Zoom.

This webinar pulls together and interrelates cats’ relationship to hunting and resting through the Cycle of Predation that can lead to ankle-biting, play aggression, early morning wake up, and food aggression as examples.

Their sense of identity of being a predator or being prey on the confidence scale can lead to similar behaviors but can also result in fearful cats, victimized cats, cat-on-cat aggression, fear aggression, and redirected aggression.

Stephen was originally a theatrical lighting designer who began working with cats in 2002, including many years professionally with the ASPCA based out of N.Y.C. and around the country on disaster and cruelty cases. Most recently he works as a feline behavior specialist for the Animal Care Centers of New York City, a not-for-profit contracted by the City of New York to provide animal and community-related services to the residents of New York City. Stephen is also in private practice as a feline behaviorist who specializes in a compassionate, educational and affordable approach to cat behavior.

Call the Library at 802-885-3108 if you have any questions.

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