Springfield Medical Care CEO speaks to Ludlow Rotary

LUDLOW, Vt. – Josh Dufresne, interim CEO of the Springfield Medical Care Systems, was the guest speaker at a recent luncheon meeting of the Ludlow Rotary Club.

Josh Dufresne, CEO of Springfield Medical Care Systems
Josh Dufresne, CEO of Springfield Medical Care Systems. Photo provided

His comments dealt with the current status of SMCS as well as its relationship to the Springfield Hospital. In noting that both independent units had filed for bankruptcy protection in order to reorganize, he indicated that the two units would probably be filing exit papers from bankruptcy with the courts this spring or summer.

Dufresne was particularly careful to note that the latest financial statement from SMCS was all “in black,” denoting that the unit was successfully recovering under Chapter 11 protection.

He stressed the need for the two units to be legally separated so that each might fulfill its respective role in proving necessary services to the area and satisfy federal requirements and regulations.

He specifically cited the current lack of a full-time primary care physician at the Ludlow Health Center as one of the critical areas of concentration for SMCS. Dufresne noted that a national problem existed due to the limited number of primary care physicians in the nation. This problem was very compounded by the fact that graduating primary care physicians historically have a “huge indebtedness,” which causes them to seek opportunities in urban areas offering the highest salaries.

Dufresne noted that the Springfield Hospital was currently is discussions with Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center over possible relationships between the two facilities.

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