Springfield Humane Society to launch new foster program

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – Are you one of those people who say if you won the lottery you’d start an animal sanctuary? Do you say hi to strange dogs on the street? Do you prefer staying home getting kitty cuddles over going out? Do you want to save the lives of homeless animals?

Then this is your chance! Springfield Humane Society is starting a new foster program! We’re now offering the following categories:

Play with and socialize kittens and their momma. Stock photo.

Mom and kitten foster homes

Foster a momma and her babies until they’re ready to be weaned! Play with (socialize) the kittens, make sure they’re growing as they should, keep an eye on momma cat too! We will train you and give you everything you need, plus offer 24-hour telephone support! This program also counts toward community service hours for students!

Dog foster homes

Some dogs just don’t do well at shelters. Some dogs come to us needing basic house manners including housebreaking. Do you want a dog, but can’t afford one? Are your children asking for a puppy but you don’t know if they’re mature enough yet to handle one? Do you have a dog that would appreciate a roommate for a little while? Do you want to make the difference in a dog being adoptable or not? We will train you how to train them, supply food, and 24-hour telephone support. All dogs will be temperament-tested and fully vetted prior to going to foster homes.


If you already plan on taking a walk, why not take a furry companion? Stock photo.

Special needs homes

Sometimes we have kittens, cats, puppies, or dogs that are born or come to us with special needs. These can include medical needs such as requiring a quiet place to recover from heartworm, behavioral needs such as a dog or cat that’s terrified of everything, or a physical disability that makes it difficult for a cat or dog to do well in a shelter. If you choose to make a difference for a special animal, we will provide all the support you could need. Behavior plans written by a certified animal behaviorist, 24-hour phone support, all vet bills paid, crates, food, toys… whatever the animal needs, you will have in addition to the bonus of knowing you made this cat or dog’s life worth living!


Do you like to walk or run and wish you had a canine companion? Going for a ride to get ice cream and want to make a shelter dog’s day? Want a pet for a weekend sleepover? Our rent-a-rover program is for you!

If you’re interested in any of these programs, we do require a very short application and class prior to animals leaving the shelter. Please contact Executive Director Anne Eddy at 802-885-2174 or lostdogsoul@yahoo.com for more information!

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