What speech would you give as president to advance civil rights?

“The Nation has need of all that can be contributed to it through the best efforts of all its citizens.” President Calvin Coolidge. Photo provided

REGION – The Calvin Prize Essay Contest invites Vermont students to write a speech to advance civil rights for a particular group or groups. While progress has been realized, civil rights for all American citizens continues to be an ongoing process, sometimes with setbacks.

These powerful ideas are to be explored in the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation’s 2018 Calvin Essay Contest. This is open to all Vermont students (or students who go to school in Vermont) age 13 through 19 and is due May 11, 2018. A first place prize of $1,500 and second place prize of $500 will be awarded.

During his political career, President Calvin Coolidge reached out publically to many different groups that were experiencing prejudice. He gave the commencement speech at historically black Howard University, spoke at the dedication of the Jewish Community Center in Washington D.C., addressed the (Catholic) Holy Name Society, signed the Indian Citizenship Act, and supported a black candidate for political office by confronting those who would deny the candidate that right.

Students, let your voice be heard through the 2018 Calvin Writing Prize. For full information and resources, see www.coolidgefoundation.org/the-calvin-writing-prize/.

The Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation is the official foundation dedicated to preserving the legacy and promoting the values of America’s 30th president. The foundation is headquartered at the president’s birthplace in Plymouth Notch, Vt. and offers a variety of programs including history exploration programs at the President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site. Contact education@calvin-coolidge.org or call 802-672-3389.

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