Spa day at Kurn Hattin Homes

Spa day at Kurn Hattin Homes. Photo provided.

WESTMINSTER, Vt. – Spring is right around the corner, and a rejuvenating afternoon at the spa seems like the perfect way to welcome the new season. For the past 15 years, Kurn Hattin Homes’ houseparent, Sue Peltier, has continued the tradition of a Do-It-Yourself Spa Day in Hubbard Cottage after Winter Break.

The girls pair up and apply moisturizing lotion and soothing cucumber slices on the eyes, drink sparkling juices, and eat their favorite fruits. The day is capped with dessert first, strawberry shortcake, and dinner in their pajamas. You’re never too young to learn about the joy and importance of self-care.

Thank you, Sue, for continuing to make this special day happen!

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