SEON presents Certified Level I High Performance Builder program

BRATTLEBORO, Vt. – Camoin Associates released a 64-page report on year-round and seasonal housing needs for Dover and Wilmington. It identified a startling demand for between 60-140 one-bedroom rental units mostly for senior housing, between 70-180 two-bedroom rental units, and between 10-40 three-bedroom rental units. For homes-for-purchase, they estimate that there is demand for between 20-60 three-bedroom units and 2-10 four-bedroom units.

There is no doubt many of our communities can identify with the needs and goals of the Wilmington and Dover Report. Yet one obvious goal omission from the planning process is the need for a trained workforce. Where is the workforce going to come from to do this work with the knowledge and skill to meet the needs of energy efficiency, durability, and health? The McClure Foundation in Vermont has already identified that carpenters will be the most in demand job over the next 10 years.

Given Vermont’s Energy Efficiency Code and Goals, we need to ensure that we have carpenters trained in the most current strategies of energy efficiency and building science – the physics of how air, heat, and moisture move through a house.

The Sustainable Energy Outreach Network Inc. developed a carpentry training program, Certified Level I High Performance Builder, that not only includes basic carpentry skills but an introduction to high performance building strategies that has been endorsed by the Vermont Home Builders and Remodelers and the Vermont Passive House Association.

For those who want to enter this trade and contribute pragmatically to our region’s social housings needs and help to address climate change, our Certified High Performance Builder training program is designed to deliver the skill and knowledge critical to enter a career in high performance building. SEON’s next program begins Feb. 6 at the Windham Regional Career Center. Registration deadline is Jan. 24.

For more information, contact Guy Payne, executive director, at, 802-376-9262, or

For registration, contact Drew McDowell at 802 451-3965 or Tuition assistance is potentially available.

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