Senior Solutions relaxes Covid-19 restrictions

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – Senior Solutions, part of the Council on Aging for Southeastern Vermont, is looking forward to relaxing the Covid-19 restrictions that temporarily changed the way we provided services to our older adults. We had to be very flexible and creative, and in fact this has led to some very worthwhile programs. Now our Windham and Windsor County Senior Centers are getting ready to open their doors again to activities both inside and outdoors.

While some centers remained open for only outdoor activities and the preparation and distribution of Meals on Wheels to those of us who could not prepare our food, all the senior centers are brainstorming ways to safely welcome their community members back. Some, but not all, will limit the number of people allowed to gather at any given time for meals and other benefits. The key is to call your senior center to learn whether and when you can make a reservation for limited seats.

Here are the phone numbers:

  • Bugbee Center in White River Junction, Mark Bradley, director, 802-295-9068
  • Thompson Center in Woodstock, Deanna Jones, director, 802-457-3277
  • Springfield Senior Center, Lori Johnson, director, 802-885-3933
  • Bellows Falls Senior Center, Teagan Kosut, director, 802-463-3907
  • Brattleboro Senior Center, Sarah Clark, activities director, 802-257-7570

To get a good overview of what some of our senior centers are doing this summer, please go to Brattleboro Community TV, or YouTube and search “Keeping Up with Senior Solutions.” Select Episode 17. We interviewed Sarah Clark, Deanna Jones, and Mark Bradley, who were all very informative about their plans to reengage with all their community members. It sounds like there will be some wonderful activities and classes this summer.

If you missed some of our programs, you can still check our website at and find important information. Senior Solutions offers so many answers to our concerns as we age that you will want to check the website regularly. You can, for example, explore handy ways to “Boost Your Budget.” We have interviews about self-neglect, Medicaid and Medicare Savings plans, 3SquaresVT/SNAP, and so much more.

Later this summer you will be seeing a number of messages about ways to “Close the Gap” and make it easier for us all to complete our vaccines. Vermont has been very successful in drastically reducing the spread of Covid-19, and helping us all get back to leading more normal lives with the people we love. So let’s not stop a few feet from the finish line. If you know someone who has had difficulty accessing the vaccine, give them some help. Sometimes making the online appointment is the obstacle or maybe it is the lack of transportation. There is a solution to every problem. If you can’t figure it out, give Senior Solutions a call at 802-885-2669 and we will try to find the answer for you.

As we look back at all the hard work the many volunteer visitors engaged in during the Covid-19 lock down to make sure people were not totally isolated, we can look forward to reconnecting and visiting so much more comfortably. Also, the past 16 months have been extremely wearing on our volunteers. Many of them need some rest. A lot of us are so happy to be able to visit our extended families, that we are planning vacations now. This means that Senior Solutions is experiencing a gap between requests for visitors and the actual volunteer pool of available help. Until we get an influx of new volunteers, if you want to be taken shopping or have other non-emergency requests, you may be placed on a short waiting list. Please be patient.

We are so proud of all the Vermonters who have led the way to achieving a high level of vaccinations across the state. Our older population has the highest vaccination rate in the country. That shows how seriously they take their responsibilities. Let’s not let them down. Call our Help Line at 802-885-2669 and say you want to be a volunteer visitor or volunteer shopper.

This need is extremely high in Bellows Falls, Brattleboro, Springfield, and Chester. In the Newfane area we need Vet-to-Vet Volunteer Visitors and Friendly Visitors. If you haven’t volunteered before, you will discover how good it feels to step up and spend a few hours with someone who really appreciates your company. So, call 802-885-2669 now.

If you are a veteran or if you know one, please watch the recorded interview available on YouTube, BCTV’s website, and our site: You will see former Brattleboro American Legion Commandant John Hagen talk with us about the veterans’ code of service. It is truly inspiring!

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