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SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – On Thursday, Dec. 17, from 9-11:30 a.m., Vermont Legal Aid is offering a free legal advice clinic by phone. This is free civil legal assistance for aging Vermonters who are aged 60 and up. Questions about Covid-19 related assistance, federal and state benefits, housing, unemployment, and other civil legal issues are available. Call 1-802-318-4169 and book your free 20-minute appointment. Leave your name and phone number and the best time to return your call. Or book online at If you have an immediate legal problem, call their general number and leave a message at 1-800-889-2047. All consultations are confidential. Appointments may be limited.

While we are on a legal topic, please be careful of scams. One in particular that the state of Vermont is warning about is regarding fake announcements about unemployment insurance opportunities. If you see them, report them to the state. Do not answer any requests for your personal information unless you are dealing with a legitimate state agency that you have connected with.

Many of us are dealing with extended social isolation. Our volunteer Visitor Programs are creating telephone connection projects. Safety and good health need to be maintained. This means we all have to work together to let others know that we are there for them. Holidays are generally a time of depressed feelings for those of us who are alone. Please remember that you may live alone, but we are here for you! Call the Help Line at 802-885-2669.

Let us know if you would like to sign up for SNAP, the 3Squares program to supplement your food budget. We can tell you if you qualify and for how much. With the cold weather approaching, you may need fuel assistance. As part of our continuing National Council on Aging benefits programs grant, we can find numerous ways to “boost your budget.”

Senior Solutions is starting a program with the Windsor Elementary School. As a way to connect our participants who are confined at home, a class is going to be writing cards for us to mail to over 100 homebound older Vermonters. We hope to expand this activity and include other organizations in the process. We can all send greetings and pictures and notes to aging Vermonters who wait day to day to see another face. It isn’t in-person because of Covid-19, but it will help to bridge the gap until we can all be together again. Just knowing that someone cares can be the difference between coping with loneliness and feeling depressed.

On Tuesday evening, Brattleboro Community TV is airing its Annual Awards Program at 6:30 p.m. As one of the participating program producers, Senior Solutions is very honored to be recognized. We are planning an upcoming year of interesting and entertaining interviews to help us all connect and enjoy our community. BCTV is so nice to work with; we look forward to providing more great information and creative programs with them.

Medicare Open Enrollment is over as Dec. 7. However, you can always call our Help Line for an appointment to start planning for your insurance needs. We hold boot camps through the year. Our team is very knowledgeable. Our advice is free. We want our public to be informed consumers. So, call 802-885-2669 and connect with us for the best Medicare information. We do not sell any insurance products – we only help you understand your options. If you call early you will be ready for next year’s Oct. 15 Open Enrollment kickoff.

This year due to Covid-19 Senior Solutions will not be collecting signatures to get onto the March ballots. Several towns did waive that requirement, but others have not. We will continue to serve all the towns in Windham and Windsor counties as well as Thetford. Next year will be better and you will see us out and about. We cannot ethically ask people to attempt to collect signatures under the healthcare policies now necessary. Thanks to all of you, and please be careful, wear your masks, and stay well!

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