School districts cancel gatherings in school buildings

REGION – The following is from the Two Rivers Supervisory Union office, Friday, March 13:

“In response to the growing concerns around exposure to the COVID-19, the following Southeast Regional Supervisory Unions and School Districts are making the collective decision to implement the following procedures in their schools. These procedures are subject to change given the fluctuating nature of this situation. We will be constantly monitoring this situation and will update communities as needed.

“As of Friday, March 13, 2020 all school-related community gatherings will be canceled.

“As of Friday, March 13, 2020, any public events scheduled in our schools will be canceled. We will hold meetings electronically whenever possible. This is a cautionary measure. The administrators at the school your child attends will send out details on specific activities. We will reassess this decision on an ongoing basis and update as new facts present themselves.”

The Southeast Regional Supervisory Unions and School Districts include River Valley Technical Center, Springfield School District, Two Rivers Supervisory Union, Windham Northeast Supervisory Union, Windham Central Supervisory Union, Windham Southeast Supervisory Union, Windham Southwest Supervisory Union, Windsor Southeast Supervisory Union, and Windsor Central Supervisory Union.

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