SAPA TV annual meeting celebrates 20 years with documentary

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – On Oct. 10, SAPA TV, Springfield’s public access TV station, celebrated 20 years on the air with dinner, awards, and a new documentary. The annual meeting was held in the Springfield High School cafeteria following a public dinner. SAPA contributors Bryce Honeywell and Marita Johnson were jointly awarded the title of “Producer of the Year” and were presented with tote bags. The station’s other community producers – who produced anywhere from one to over 50 shows over the last year – were awarded certificates thanking them for their contributions.

Following the awards, the attendees moved to the high school auditorium, where they watched the premiere screening of a documentary about SAPA’s first 20 years. Titled “Thank You Citizens for Watching,” it featured interviews with many of those in attendance. Although the future of public access TV is uncertain, SAPA Executive Director Jared Gunnell spoke hopefully that SAPA TV will be part of the Springfield community for many years to come.

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