Rotary District Governor speaks to Ludlow Rotary Club

Steve Puderbaugh, Rotary Governor for District 7870
Steve Puderbaugh, Rotary Governor for District 7870. Photo provided

LUDLOW, Vt. – The recent Ludlow Rotary Club’s weekly meeting featured a presentation by Steve Puderbaugh, Rotary Governor for District 7870. The meeting was conducted using the Zoom.

Puderbaugh stressed the theme of Rotary International, “Rotary Opens Up.” This dealt with how RI and its local chapters, comprising over 4 million members, are dealing with the impact of the coronavirus crisis. He noted that the current use of Zoom was one of the major adjustments Rotarians have had to make to continue their methods of implementing the many goals of RI.

He noted that the LRC had to postpone a number of activities normally used to raise funds for its community-based projects such as the Penny Sale, which is used to underwrite its scholarship programs.

One of the major activities that area Rotary clubs is sponsoring because of COVID-19 is the importation of masks to help reduce the spread of the virus. He announced that, with the aid of a Connecticut Rotarian involved in importation, a truckload totaling half a million masks will soon be arriving in New England to provide protection to area residents.

In addition to detailing some of the planned district activities scheduled for next year, Puderbaugh indicated that a group of South African Rotarians would be coming to the United States next year while an American group of Rotarians will journey to South Africa.

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