Rockingham Recycling Center requires access stickers

ROCKINGHAM, Vt. – The Rockingham Recycling Center reminds residents and nonresidents that access stickers are required to enter the center on Route 5, south of Bellows Falls. Access stickers have been required since July 1, 2018 and can be obtained at the Rockingham Town Clerk’s Office and at the Recycling Center cashier building. Westminster residents can obtain their stickers at that town office. There is no charge for Rockingham and Westminster residents including part-time residents and those that own property in Rockingham or Westminster and pay taxes to that town. All others must pay an annual fee for an access sticker by July 1 for the following year. Each vehicle must have an access sticker displayed on the front vehicle windshield. If a sticker is not displayed, you will be asked to obtain a sticker before using the facility.

During the past months, vehicles have been checked for access stickers and it was found that many vehicles were using the facility without having obtained a sticker. This included vehicles from Rockingham, Westminster, Grafton, Athens, Putney and Walpole and Hinsdale, N.H. and others.

The access stickers are required to access the facility even if one is using the “Exchange” building or leaving recyclables. The only exception to this is for those who are leaving electronic recycling items. All are required to check with the Exchange building attendant before leaving any items. Some items require a charge to be left off. Items that do not get taken for reuse must be disposed of, which is a cost to the town of Rockingham taxpayers.

Rockingham Selectboard member Peter Golec has been volunteering at the center for the past several months checking on whether vehicles have access stickers. Golec said he was surprised at the number of different towns whose residents bring materials to the Rockingham Center. “I was surprised when vehicles from Hinsdale and Brattleboro showed up.” he said.

The operating costs for the center are funded by the town of Rockingham and its taxpayers. Golec noted it was not unreasonable for Rockingham to assess an access sticker fee from users from other towns to help pay for running the facility.

Golec reminds all users that even if you have an access sticker displayed, one must pay for disposal of household trash, appliances, and other items. There is no charge for items that go into the recycle container.

Cash is not accepted at the trash compactor. Only Rockingham trash tickets may be used to dispose of trash, and these can be purchased by the sheet at the cashier’s building or the Rockingham Town Clerk’s office. Trash compactor attendants do not have change and will not accept cash. Cash is also accepted at the cashier’s building.

The center is in the process of installing directional signs for the compactors, traffic control, parking, and the access sticker requirement. If one does not know where or what can be disposed of at the facility, one of the helpful volunteers will be able to assist.

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