Rockingham Library presents indoor seeding workshop with Marsha Stern

ROCKINGHAM, Vt. – On Thursday, Feb. 24 at 6 p.m., learn the how’s and why’s of starting seeds indoors from gardener Marsha Stern over Zoom. During this workshop, Marsha will demonstrate how to fill containers with soil and how to set the seeds. She’ll show participants how to choose containers, placement, and watering methods. Marsha will also provide information and advice on reading seed packets, other sources of plant-specific information, troubleshooting, and holding and saving seed.  

To get ready for this workshop, participants need to look around their home and collect a bucket or bowl to work with, a large jar of water, a mixing tool, a paring knife or other pointy object, and two containers in which to plant their seeds. Containers can be small clay or plastic pots, or anything at least 2-1/2 inches deep that can be punctured for drainage. Tofu cartons and blue plastic mushroom cartons are an ideal size. Even four to six plastic drinking cups might fill the bill.

Once a person contacts the library to receive a Zoom invitation to this program, a packet with enough soil to fill two pint containers and a choice of lettuce, basil, yarrow, and lobeliaseeds will be made available to pick up at the library. Participants will have the option of planting during the workshop, or later, while away from their computers.

Marsha began starting plants indoors with frugality in mind. She has stayed with it for the undiminished pleasure of seeing green life emerge from a box of dirt at any time of year. Although she has gradually added various assistive devices, she encourages beginners to start with nothing more than a little understanding and some ingenuity. She is the current coordinator of the Bellows Falls Community Garden. To receive an invitation to join this live Zoom presentation, contact or call the library at 802-463-4270.

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