Results for Chester Town Meeting Day

CHESTER, Vt. – Chester residents approved all budget articles during the Monday, March 2 meeting. The following are results by Australian ballot Tuesday, March 3.

William Dakin Jr. was approved for town moderator. Deborah Aldrich was approved for town clerk and town treasurer. Leigh J. Dakin and Jeffery Holden for two Selectboard seats. Arne Jonynas ran unopposed for his Selectboard seat. Colleen Garvey ran unopposed for Trustee of Public Funds as well as Trustee of Whiting Library where she is joined by Donna Matthews. Rick Alexander and Jeannie Wade will join the Green Mountain Unified School District.

The voters also approved a $157,500 bond to be financed for a term of 10 years for the purchase of a backhoe for the Highway Department by a vote of 498 to 90.

Chester voters also approved the Green Mountain Unified School District budget, 957 to 573.

They also approved the budget of $2,984,585 for River Valley Technical Center, 677 to 206.

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