Plymouth votes “Yes” on three articles

Plymouth, Vt. Photo provided.

PLYMOUTH, Vt. – Approximately 20% of Plymouth residents cast their votes on Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2023, approving the three articles presented.

Article 1 asked voters to consider $800,000 in bond funds in order to complete a weatherization, renovation, and refurbishment project for the town municipal building. Receiving 94 “Yes,” and 55 “No” votes, the article passed. Combining the $800,000 with a previously approved amount of $950,000, the town will move forward with the full project.

Articles 2 and 3 would give the Plymouth Selectboard authority to appoint a Town Clerk and Town Treasurer. Previously, both positions had to be occupied by an elected official. Each article passed with 120 voting “Yes,” and 29 voting “No.” Plymouth has been understaffed since the retirement of the previous Town Clerk, and has had a difficult time finding qualified applicants.

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