Okemo Valley Womens Club Tree of Remembrances

LUDLOW, Vt. – The beautiful lighted tree in Veteran’s Park is shining brightly, remembering our family and friends past and present. The Tree of Remembrance is the biggest fundraiser the Okemo Valley Womens Club sponsors for a scholarship for a deserving senior from Ludlow, Mount Holly, Cavendish, and Proctorville. In making a donation and naming your loved one you will be supporting a deserving high school student.

Donations and your list of names should be submitted to Fran Derlinga, PO Box 804, Grantham, New Hampshire 03753. Please make checks out to GFWC Okemo Valley Womens Club. As I receive your checks and names of those to be remembered I will be publishing them in the paper.

Oscar and Nellie Beckman, Oscar and Margarite Bryany, Roy and Marie Bryant, Kim and Stanley Bryant, Stanley and Francis Bryant, Evelyn Bryant, Leonard Gendron, Earl Bonneau, Ellsworth and Dorthy Davis, Harold and Mary Bragg, Roy and Leta Davis, Gardner and Laura Ripley, Harley and Ida Bragg, Leon and Mary Shabbott, Helen Ballard, Bernard and Shirley Snow, Leta Hudgings, Peter Connor, Ernest, and Melba Noll, Anna McKinney, Ralph and Elva Davis, Roy Davis, Dexter Lockwood, Ellen Parrish

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