Okemo Valley Women’s Club March meeting

LUDLOW, Vt. – The Okemo Valley Women’s Club Chapter of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs met Monday, March 8 via Zoom. The meeting included three guests.

The evening’s speaker was Kevin Thiessen from HWC Financial who spoke to the club members about estate planning. He gave the women advice about maintaining a standard of living and being able to pass that on to their families and beneficiaries. He also educated the club about creating and updating a personal will, and making and maintaining a plan for one’s financial stability and future. Very valuable advice was shared and discussed which the club is grateful to have from a professional.

In addition to Mr. Thiessen’s presentation, a business meeting was held to review past projects and volunteer efforts and ways to continue to serve the community through club efforts. In the past year there have been more than 600 volunteer hours and more than 66 projects. The club has raised significant funds for their scholarship programs and community efforts through fundraising efforts in 2020 and 2021.

The past year and the worldwide pandemic have changed many lives and events and the Okemo Valley Women’s Club is no exception. GFWC Vermont and Southern Region had to cancel their midwinter meeting, which would have been held in Ludlow in February. The State Spring Meeting was also canceled but we are hoping it will be held in the fall instead. GFWC International Convention is tentatively planned for August in Atlanta, Ga., which of course will depend on the status of Covid-19 at that time. The Okemo Valley Women’s Club is hoping to be able to hold their annual banquet in person later in the spring, which will also depend on the state Covid-19 guidelines at that time. None of us have escaped the effects of the pandemic, but we can all look ahead and continue our lives with hope and grace.

The next meeting of the Okemo Valley Women’s Club will be held Monday, April 12, 2021. It will very likely be held virtually via Zoom. Anyone wishing to attend may contact President Penny Trick at 802-975-0313 or Membership Chairwoman Roxie Davis 802-226-7417 or any member.

Nearly 80,000 members strong, the General Federation of Women’s Clubs is united in its dedication to volunteer community service. While diverse in age, interests, and experiences, all clubwomen are united by a desire to create positive change in their communities.

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