Okemo Valley TV selected OVRCC Member of the Month

Okemo Valley TV was named the January 2019 Member of the Month. Photo provided.

LUDLOW, Vt. – Patrick Cody of Okemo Valley TV was recently selected as the Okemo Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce January 2019 Member of the Month. Okemo Valley TV has been serving the area with community media since 2001. Okemo TV also hosts a monthly Chamber television program.

Some of the criteria for the OVRCC Member of the Month program are that the member: contributes to community, participates in trade or TV shows, is current on membership dues, partners together with other businesses, and is an ambassador for the chamber and Okemo Valley region.

Patrick says, “We’ve had a great working relationship with the Chamber for many years, which I think serves both of our organizations well. Since we are a nonprofit, non-commercial television station and media provider, we operate on a different level and in a different space than most of the membership. For us, the Chamber provides an outlet to the business community, which is super helpful. If not for our Chamber membership, we would otherwise not have that direct link to local businesses.”

Okemo Valley TV began as LPCTV in 2001 as a public, educational, and government access television organization. That name came from the first letters of the three towns that the organization was originally designated to – Ludlow, Plymouth, and Cavendish. Since that time, the organization has grown and evolved, both in terms of their mission and reach.

So in 2016, they changed their name to Okemo Valley TV. From its humble beginnings in the Ludlow Elementary School building, they have grown into a vibrant community media organization. They now run two 24-7 cable TV channels, their website, and multiple social media channels from their Ludlow Community Center complex. They are also planning on live-streaming their TV channels through their website.

Want to become an OVRCC member like Okemo TV? It’s easy to do right online at www.yourplaceinvermont.com/join-the-chamber/online-application.

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