Mountain Garden Walks supports future Lib Thieme Scholarship recipients

2021 Mountain Garden Walks drew visitors from all over the region. Photo provided
2021 Mountain Garden Walks drew visitors from all over the region. Photo provided

LONDONDERRY, Vt. – Mountain Garden Walks, the biannual garden tour of Green Mountain Gardeners, drew over 260 people Saturday, July 17 for self-guided tours of six beautiful properties in Londonderry and Weston. Total proceeds from ticket sales, sponsorships, and a raffle for a house portrait by local water colorist Doris Ingram totaled nearly $10,000. Net proceeds to support the Lib Thieme Scholarship are expected to total over $7,000.

Maureen Page, co-chair of the tour, said, “Our garden tour team worked diligently over the past two years to plan and coordinate every detail that led to our most successful tour to date. We are so grateful to the property owners and everyone who attended the tour.”

Visitors from all over southern and central Vermont, as well as out of state, thronged the gardens, taking pictures and asking about species. Many visitors remarked on the interesting variety of properties on the tour and were thankful that the predicted rain held off.

The Lib Thieme Scholarship, an annual award to a local college student, is named after one of the group’s founders, Elizabeth Thieme. Chair of the Scholarship Committee, Eileen Widger, said, “The success of this year’s tour will allow us to continue generous support for the education of a young person.” The scholarship supports college or vocational studies in environmental sciences, landscape design, conservation, agriculture, or ecology.

The Green Mountain Gardeners fosters horticulture, beautification, and conservation in the mountain towns of Landgrove, Londonderry, Peru, and Weston. In addition, the group also serves their communities through beautification and service projects. They look forward to hosting another tour in 2023 at six different garden gems. Visit their website to learn more or to join the organization.

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