Mount Holly Elementary Green Up Day

Green Up Day
Power-washing for Green Up Day in Mount Holly. Photo provided

MOUNT HOLLY, Vt. – The Mount Holly Parent Teacher Student Association’s Green Up Day was a huge success. On Sunday, May 5, the community showed up in droves to help spread wood chips, which were provided by a grant from General Electric.

Over 80 volunteers showed up to help. Mike Valente came to the rescue with his tractor and helped speed up the process of spreading the 20-foot-tall tower of wood chips.

Edward Blanchard, Dale Campopiano, Jeff Chase, Brandon Jenkins, and Ted Panasci worked on replacing the dugout on the baseball field, which had been in severe disrepair. The materials for the dugout were generously donated by LaValley’s in Ludlow. Tools and disposal of previous dugout were donated by Jenkins Builders. The Chase family donated additional materials for the dugout. The rest of the field is going to soon be restored to playing condition with the assistance of Tim Martin and Ted Panasci along with guidance from Nick Miele of the Ludlow Recreation Department. The field will then be used by the Ludlow Little League and the MHES gym classes.

Dave Radican and Paul Meoli worked on power-washing the school. Yanu Skiathitis restored the picnic tables to their original glory before rot got the best of them. The nature trail was picked up and spruced up by a group of families as well. McGown Landscaping donated play sand to fill the depleted sand box. The Auld family donated a sun shade to keep the sandbox shaded as a segway to a more permanent future structure. Jenna Laslow created a natural wood block play space and is working on further development of natural sensory engaging areas for the playground. The day ended with Morgan Skiathitis delivering fresh baked pizzas from Belmont Store to feed the hungry workers.

The turn out was incredible and showed the pride Mount Holly families take in the school. The PTSA is hoping to continue this as an annual event focusing on different areas of need and as a day to draw the community together for fun and work.

The goal of the PTSA is to strengthen relationships between families, faculty, and the community. This event helped show students the very real power they have to transform their own community with their own hard work. When the community works together they learn to care for each other by working towards a shared goal. This empowerment has a ripple effect of positivity that cannot be stopped. The Mount Holly PTSA is incredibly grateful to everyone who took time out of their busy weekend to help with the Green Up Day. Anyone not named know we are very thankful for you as well!

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