Meet your new G-man

Your G-Man, Jeffery Watson. Photo provided.

CAVENDISH, Vt. – Jeffrey Watson, Lighthouse Power Company, is pleased to announce he is here to address your back-up generator needs – from the design of the correct model and specific installation requirements for your home or office, the sale, and the yearly maintenance. Located in Windsor County, Vt., the good news is that Watson is also available for your emergency needs 24/7.

Watson, who recently earned the Kohler Power Systems Certificate of Completion, is now Kohler Warranty Licensed, which brings additional credentials to his already wide range of engineering knowledge. He brings over 30 years of design, and mechanical and diesel maintenance and repair skills, to the job. Watson says, “I was personally trained by Carl Harlow a well respected G-Man of Mount Holly. And as his many satisfied customers will tell you, Harlow personified fair play, unsurpassed troubleshooting expertise and supreme customer service in his generator business.”

Dave Bonta of USA Solar Store concurs, “When Carl died, it was a huge loss to our local Solar Store group, so I am thrilled to once again have a reliable and knowledgeable G-Man on our go-to list. Jeff is like TV’s character, ‘MacGyver,’ in that ‘there is very little that he can’t diagnose and repair.’”

From small emergency generators to whole house back-up and commercial systems, count on Jeff as your G-Man! Contact him at 802-591-3059 or

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