Mack Molding presses forward, expands molding capability

Mack Molding
The foundation and parts for new injection molding press arrive at the Cavendish facility.Photo provided.

CAVENDISH, Vt. – Ludlow area residents may have noticed an increase in heavy-load tractor trailers at and around Mack Molding’s Cavendish facility. Mack, a leading custom plastics molder and supplier of contract manufacturing services, is growing and the company is making significant capital equipment investments to expand its capacity and capabilities.

Most recently, six trucks have been rolling into Cavendish this week with a new injection molding press weighing more than 125 tons. According to Mack President Jeff Somple, the press represents a commitment from Mack to its customers and employees.

“This machine is approximately 15 percent larger than any we have had in the Company’s northern operations, and in fact, we believe it is largest press in New England,” Somple said. “We want to back up the quality of our people with great technology. This new press allows us to bring in additional business, including some of the biggest molds we have ever handled. As a result, we have also upgraded our crane system at the Cavendish plant.”

While delivery and assembly is currently underway, the press is expected to enter operation in June. When completed, it will have a clamp tonnage of 2,360 U.S. tons and include a robot to handle part removal.

The headquarters in Arlington, Vt., recently welcomed a new, fully automated laser for sheet metal fabrication, as well as a laser marker for the finishing department. The new laser increases Mack’s offering by bringing specialty materials such as copper and bronze into the Company’s portfolio.

Mack Molding
A new, 25,000-pound laser is moved onto the loading docks at Mack Molding’s Headquarters in Arlington.Photo provided.

The laser marker will help Mack meet the Unique Device Identification (UDI) requirements placed on the company’s orthopedic customers by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Today, medical represents 35 percent of Mack’s business, driven in part by growth in parts that require specialized engraving on curved metal and plastic surfaces.

“We are opening whole new avenues for Mack in terms of what we can mold, metals we can cut and the capacity to meet the needs of future customers,” Somple said. “It is an exciting time here, and I would be remiss if I did not mention we are hiring as well. With the infusion of new equipment and dozens of positions being filled from the shop floor to engineering to the front office, the time has never been better to take a look at Mack.”

Mack Molding specializes in plastics design, prototyping, molding, sheet metal fabrication, full-service machining and medical device manufacturing. Founded in 1920, Mack is a privately owned business that operates 11 facilities throughout the world. Don Kendall is CEO and chairman.


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