Ludlow Municipal Manager announces his departure

Frank Heald. Photo provided.

LUDLOW, Vt. – Longtime Municipal Manager, Frank Heald has announced his plans to step down from his position on May 1 after more than 15 years piloting the town and village of Ludlow. Heald’s plans were announced after the Select Board, Village Trustees, and Water Commission meeting in November.

“Leaving this position was a difficult decision,” Heald said. “I do so with a great sense of accomplishment and with the confidence that I am leaving the municipality in a strong financial position, and in the hands of capable and talented staff members.” Heald added, “With several major projects planned over the next three to seven years, this is a good time to hand over the reins to a new manager to oversee.”

“Frank has been a real asset to Ludlow from his first day on the job,” commented Howard Barton, Jr., chair of the Select Board. “We are sorry to see him leave us and are grateful for his many years of service and dedication to our community and its citizens.”

Heald has been instrumental in securing federal and state funds to finance a number of large projects in both the town and the village and save taxpayers and residents money. In addition to his sense of community spirit by giving back to the community through his volunteerism, Heald is passionate about education, community events, and Ludlow’s youth. He was a fixture at school athletic events and was one of Black River’s biggest fans.

“Frank has done an outstanding job managing our municipality,” commented Robert Gilmore, chair of the Village Trustees. “He’s one of the hardest working, and most competent managers in my 30 years serving on the Village Board of Trustees.”

“We have been very fortunate for Frank’s steady leadership of the Village Water Department over the last 15 years,” commented David Rose, chair of the Village Water Commission. “I’ve enjoyed working with him and I wish him the best.”

“Over the next five months I plan to remain fully engaged until my last day on the job,” commented Heald. “I look forward to seeing through a number of projects and activities that we have been working toward.” Heald also urged residents to remain optimistic about their future and the future of the Ludlow.

The members of the Select Board, Village Trustees, and Water Commission expect the search for a new Municipal Manager to last several months and hope to have a candidate in place in the spring.

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