Ludlow and Mount Holly schools’ food and nutritional services

Upgrades in the LES kitchen
Upgrades in the LES kitchen. Photo provided

LUDLOW, Vt. – A lot is happening for the Ludlow and Mount Holly Elementary Schools Food Services programs. As of this school year, the programs are no longer managed by Cafe Services, a food management company. The district manages the programs with Darlene Phillips as food service director overseeing both schools. Darlene has managed these programs for the past eight years and was asked to stay on.

Former Chester schools food service director Jack Carroll is assisting Darlene in the transition process. Carroll says they are working on creating a brand for the schools and increasing their presence in the community. There is a Facebook page now as well as easy menu access for parents.

They will soon be preparing all meals at the in-house kitchen in Ludlow Elementary School. The kitchen has always been there, but it needed a few upgrades. Cooking in the building will open many opportunities for the children, such as working in the kitchen, taste tests, and expanding the Farm to School programs.

They are also looking to establish a Junior Iron Chef Vermont program. They will invite parents and guardians to come in and have breakfast or lunch with the kids as soon it safe for all to enter the building, and they will also sponsor fundraisers, community luncheons, and a Harvest of the Month program.

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