Ludlow Emergency Team discusses virus status

LUDLOW, Vt. – The local public television station recently conducted a Zoom presentation featuring Ludlow’s leaders in the emergency management of the COVID-19 crisis in Ludlow.

Scott Murphy, Ludlow’s municipal manager, Ron Bixby, the town’s emergency management director, and Ralph Pace, the host of the TV program “Spotlight.” All three were in different locations and the Zoom presentation was managed by Patrick Cody at the Okemo Valley TV studio.

Both Murphy and Bixby emphasized the need to follow Gov. Scott’s order concerning “stay at home.” They noted that they were reviewing the local, state, and national status of activities designed to curb exposure to the virus as well as the impact the virus had on the local community.

They also noted that key information on the status of the virus and efforts to control it was available on the town’s website,, where links to important regional and national websites were available.

The Spotlight program will be broadcast on cable channels 8 and 10 in Ludlow, Cavendish, and Plymouth, and 20 in Mount Holly.

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