LRC hears from District Governor Barclay

Left to right, District Gov. Barclay, Club President Jim Rumrill, and Treasurer Kim Lampert. Photo by Kevin Barnes

LUDLOW, Vt. – The July 26 luncheon meeting of the Ludlow Rotary Club (LRC) featured District Gov. Randell Barclay as the speaker. Barclay, a member of the Wallingford Rotary Club, was accompanied by his Rotarian wife Diana.

Barclay called on all Rotarians to use Rotary’s theme for the year, “Imagination,” as a source of developing approaches to help local and regional projects that benefit communities, to support international efforts such as Ukrainian aid and clean water, and to sustain and enhance club membership.

The District Governor brought a message of Rotary International’s continuing commitment of service through clubs worldwide and the connections members can make beyond their local clubs. He spoke of his experience with various international projects that build connections with people in other cultures. He has traveled to India to help deliver polio vaccinations in the slums to further polio eradication efforts, a top Rotary cause for the past 25 years, as one example.

Barclay encouraged the Ludlow club to remember Rotary is dedicated to causes that build international relationships, improve lives, and create a better world to support peace efforts and end polio forever. District Gov. Barclay urged the club to pursue the Seven Avenues of Service of Rotary International. Those Avenues of Service are promoting peace; fighting disease; providing clean water, sanitation, and hygiene; saving mothers and children; supporting education; growing local economies; and protecting the environment.

He applauded the Ludlow Club for their record of retaining members for many years, because they have fun while raising funds for great causes.

Anyone interested in learning more about joining Rotary is invited to contact Kevin Barnes, Membership Chairman at 802-228-8877, to receive an invitation to a meeting.


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