Londonderry thanks volunteers and businesses

LONDONDERRY, Vt. – Now that recovery is underway, it’s time to thank the volunteers, businesses, and organizations who helped Londonderry and the tri-mountain towns through the disasters and emergencies following the July flooding. Response from FEMA, The Red Cross, the Department of Health, the Department of Human Services, and Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation (BDCC) was fast and immediate to address the devastation.

Regional businesses also responded. Thanks to the Home Depot’s Rutland Store Manager Seth Ziegler, Londonderry and the tri-mountain towns received a donation of 25 dehumidifiers from the Home Depot Foundation, to help business and home owners mitigate mold that results from flooding. Mold is a hidden culprit that leads to health issues and costly renovation. In addition, the Salvation Army and Lowe’s delivered cleaning supplies to address the critical needs in cleaning and mitigating flood damage in buildings and homes.

Food donations topped the charts in helping flood victims and feeding volunteers through the two weeks of intense clean up. The New American Grill delivered sandwiches, salads, and drinks to everyone on North Main Street, in addition to hosting nights of music to raise funds for flood victims. Londonderry Area Tri-Mountain Lions prepared 60 meals for the Meal Distribution for Londonderry Flood Recovery Efforts. And the Vermont Food Bank was there every day to provide fresh produce and staples.

The businesses and organizations that donated and supported the Mountain Towns Flood Recovery include Cota and Cota, El Banditos Grill, Express Copy, Rutland Home Depot, Honeypie, Jamaica Gardens, Magic Mountain, Raleigh Thiel’s Catering, Revival Kitchen, Rugg Valley , Stratton/Alterra, The Corner Market, The Londonderry Market, The New American Grill, The Queen City Saints, and Workhorse Café.

The Londonderry community continues to support recovery efforts and needs through GoFundMe fundraising, and the pouring out of encouragement and help. The floods were devastating but, at the same time, have brought a stronger sense of unity.

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