Little Cricket Art Gallery and Sydscompufix move into downtown Ludlow

LUDLOW, Vt. – Matthew and Janie Sydorowich used to operate their gallery and computer repair shop out of their home, until computer equipment piled up and the gallery needed more space. This sparked the idea of a gallery and a brick-and-mortar repair shop situated at 114 Main Street in Ludlow. The historic storefront building, complete with muted wood floors and high, tiled ceilings is the new home of Little Cricket Art Gallery.

Jewelry that Janie has made and will sell in the gallery. Photo by Amanda Wedegis.

The white walls are the perfect backdrop for Janie Sydorowich’s prints and photography. The gallery will also be home to handmade jewelry and all natural, organic skincare and make up.

Janie says she was “born creative.” She is self-taught. Many of her pieces were inspired by a technique she’d seen that she wanted to try herself. So she taught herself how to do it too, which she prefers over taking an art class where she would be taught “the rules.”

“She breaks the rules,” Matt said.

Janie explained that you couldn’t break the rules if you don’t know them. Not knowing the “rules,” she feels freer to use photography to be expressive and find the beauty in any object. Her photography is inspired mostly by local images found throughout Windsor county. However, there is one large canvas black-and-white print that showcases a treasured memory of when Matt took Janie to her first visit of New York City.

Little Cricket Art Gallery is looking to open soon, and Janie is excited for others to see her work, “Even if all they do is walk through the door and think it’s cool.”

Matt’s computer repair shop is through the back and down into the basement. The room is spacious and well lit. There, Matt will run his workshop, making computer repairs, refurbishing older models, and selling parts, flash drives, and antivirus programs.

Matt’s repair shop. Photo by Amanda Wedegis.

Matt started working on computers after having bought his daughter a computer for school. Three months later it needed repairs, which were nearly as expensive as the computer itself. That launched Matt’s decision to get his associate’s degree in computer science. He now repairs computers for several local town offices, libraries, homes, and businesses. He does office and house calls around the area and tries to work on his clients’ schedules.

Matt repairs computers, video game modems, flat screen televisions, and monitors. He can also retrieve lost data and purchase needed parts. Unless parts need to be ordered, Matt aims for a 24-hour turn around period for repairs.

The gallery will also have space in the center of the room for Matt to teach his computer workshops. He leads presentations to help anyone who needs help setting up emails or has other questions about computers. Participants bring their own laptops but Matt has a few loaners on hand.

For more information about the gallery, contact Janie at or check out her website, Contact Matt for computer repairs at or visit his website at

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