Kurn Hattin lauded as a Vermont PBiS School of Merit

WESTMINSTER, Vt. – Every year, the Vermont PBiS State Team acknowledges PBIS schools for their achievements. Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support is a nationally recognized method of addressing behavior, conduct, and problem-solving, where students, faculty, and staff work together to promote a positive, predictable, and a safe environment for everyone in all school settings.

Kurn Hattin is entering its third year as a formally recognized PBiS School and is proud to be recognized this year as a Vermont PBiS School of Merit. To receive a Vermont PBiS School of Merit Ribbon, schools must show evidence of implementing Universal PBIS by at least 80% of staff and it was 95% at Kurn Hattin, use behavior data within a problem-solving framework to improve student outcomes, and complete an annual Self-Assessment Survey to help plan and revise implementation.

The highest achievement is a Vermont PBiS Exemplar School, which requires a sustained level of PBiS merit criteria. “We should easily qualify for Exemplar School status next year. Great work, everyone!” said Sergio Simunovic, school principal.

Since 1894, Kurn Hattin Homes for Children has helped thousands of children and their families by offering a safe home and quality education in a nurturing environment. Follow their journey at www.kurnhattin.org.

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