Kurn Hattin Homes welcomes new Trustees and Incorporators

annual meeting
New Kurn Hattin Homes’ Trustees and Incorporators stand together after the annual meeting Oct. 2. Photo provided

WESTMINSTER, Vt. – On Oct. 2, New England Kurn Hattin Homes held its annual meeting of Trustees and Incorporators. The Board reelected nine Incorporators for terms of three years; Michael Blau of Hudson, N.H., Mark Bodin of Chester, Christopher Hackett of Westminster, James Lynch of Walpole, N.H., Bruce Martin of Walpole, N.H., Rhonda Nolan of Danbury, Conn., William Scarlett IV of Saxtons River, Sheldon Scott of Bellows Falls, and Greg Worden of Brattleboro.

Jerry Bardwell of Middleboro, Mass., Mark Bodin, Christopher Hackett, Bruce Martin, and Greg Worden were reelected as Trustees for a term of three years.

The Board elected seven new Incorporators for a term of three years: Cheryl Gay-Sherwin of North Walpole, N.H., Stephen Peterson, North Haven, Conn., Kelley Cota Tully of Bellows Falls, Eric Velto of Bartonsville, Cliff Wood of Putney, Wylene Wood of Putney, and John Zimmerman of Cape Porpoise, Maine. Eric Velto was also elected to fill a Trustee vacancy for a term of three years.

Reelected as officers and members of the Executive Committee for a term of one year were: President Mark Bodin, Vice President Christopher Hackett, Second Vice President James Lynch of Walpole, N.H., Treasurer Janet Wilson of Walpole, N.H., and Secretary Diane Bazin of Westminster. Non-officers Jerry Bardwell and Sheldon Scott were both reelected as Members At-Large.

President Mark Bodin gave the President’s Message highlighting the importance of meeting the needs and expectations of the children and families served. Stephen Harrison gave executive director’s remarks about the organization’s 125 years of service, and financial manager Steve Fitch presented the financial report. Director of Residential Services Nancy Richardson shared a “Day in Residential Life” video, which highlighted the children’s life from waking up to turning in at night. School principal Sergio Simunovic spoke about accomplishments at the school, such as achieving a 1 to 1 Chromebook to student ratio in grades 2-8, installing interactive SMART boards in all the classrooms, and a new literacy program. Keri Newton, Dean of Students, discussed how implanting Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports at the School and Residential Services has resulted in some dramatic positive changes in student behavior.

A musical performance by the Kurn Hattin Children’s Choir, a social hour, and dinner were also the highlights of the annual event. For more information, go to www.kurnhattin.org.

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