Kurn Hattin Homes’ maple sugaring season is underway

Kurn Hattin Homes children checking sap levels
Kurn Hattin Homes children checking sap levels. Photo provided

WESTMINSTER, Vt. – Kurn Hattin Homes’ maple sugaring season is officially underway under the instruction of Conor Fitzgerald, assistant farm manager. Conor, with the help of sixth and seventh graders, spent the last few weeks tapping several species of maple trees at Kurn Hattin. Buckets were mounted, sap levels checked, and when nearly full, they were taken to the science classroom for the boiling process.

Boiling sap gives the students the opportunity to observe and learn about the process of evaporation while using a refractometer to measure and compare the sugar levels in both the initial sap and the final product of syrup. The students will be running experiments on which type of maple tree produces the most sap and has the most sugar content.

In addition to the classroom boiling process, Kurn Hattin Homes also utilizes its sugarhouse for producing larger quantities of syrup for campus use. The maple sugaring season at Kurn Hattin will continue through March and, depending on weather conditions, into April. Pancakes with homemade maple syrup? Those are enjoyed year-round!

Follow their journey: www.kurnhattin.org.

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